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Visual Sports Simulator

Carolan Rentals New Visual Sports simulators and multi-sport simulators bring the excitement of real sports into your home or business with incredible precision, real equipment and amazingly lifelike gameplay.

Games that are Included:

* 15 Major Golf Courses. 18-27 holes a piece! Real clubs and balls. Play the wind, Watch your SLICE!
* 2 Minute drill, take your team down the field to win the game winning touchdown
* Field Goal Challenge
* Home Run Derby
* Baseball Pitching
* Try your best to score on the goalie in soccer
* Take it to the ICE, try to score on a hockey goalie
* Basketball Shooting Simulator
* Rugby Simulator
* Cricket Simulator
* Zombie Dodge ball
* Carnival Games

This Unit is Great for:

*Schools & Universities
*Stadiums (outside or on the concourse)
*Golf Clubhouses
*Sports Bars
*Trade Shows & Conventions
*Super Bowl Parties
*Finals Parties for NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA
*Celebrations & Parties
*Corporate Events & Retreats
*Birthday Parties
*Town Celebrations
And Much More!
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