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Euro Bungee

The 4-in-1 Euro Bungy Trampoline system is the ultimate in F-U-N!!! Kids, young and old, will love this and it will surely be the hit of any event, festival, or special party! With four trampolines -- it's four times the fun!

Our trained Euro Bungy Attendants will fit you into a safety harness with Bungee cords on both side, you're then hoisted into the air and then you descend down to the trampolines, and it's back up you go!! Each bounce has the ability to transport you up to 25 feet in the air!

Once you're up and bouncing, why not bust out some moves? Try that front flip, or the back flip....just have fun! Experience the adrenaline rush of the 4-in-1 Bungy Trampoline Jump as you perform gravity-defying moves!

Up to 4 people can bounce at the same time in each of the four harnesses and trampolines. Bungee riders must be at least 4 years of age, weigh at least 20 pounds and no more than 220 pounds.

The Euro Bungee 4-in-1 Trampolines must be set-up in an area that is flat and has easy drive-to trailer access. The Euro Bungy Trampoline can be used indoor or outdoor if adequate space and access is available.

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